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A project is a collection of related jobs, or mailings. You can use the project system to organize your mailings. All mail jobs must be assigned to a project. If you choose not to actively use the Project system, you can select the "Default Project" and your jobs will be organized by month.

Any existing projects will be listed under "My Projects".

Projects Main View

You can click "+" to expand the details of a project. After you click "+", the details will expand and the "+" will change to a "-". You can click "-" to hide the details.

Expand Project Details

Click the "Action" menu to find options for viewing, continuing, and changing your job.


The options that appear are based on the Status of the job.

If the job is in Status: EDITING, the options available are for deleting, continuing, or viewing details of your job, as shown above.

If the job is in Status: PENDING_PROOF_ACCEPTANCE, the action menu expands to offer View Document.


Options expand to include Duplicate Job and View List for Status: PROOF_ACCEPTED.


Options for Status: IN_PRODUCTION include View Invoice. Options for Status: MAILED include View Invoice and View Tracking.

Create a new project by clicking "New project".

New project button

You will be asked to give the new project a name and click "Ok" to continue or "Cancel".

New project naming dialog

The new project will be displayed. Clicking the Action menu will give you the option to create another new project, change the name of the project, start a job or delete the project.

New project view

If you select "New Project" or "Edit Name", you will have to enter a project name and click "Ok" to continue or "Cancel".

Edit project name

If you select "Start Job", you will be guided through the order process.

If you select "Delete Project", you will be informed that you will permanently delete the project and click "Delete" to proceed or "Cancel".

Delete project confirm

If you have any additional questions, please contact Click2Mail Customer Support at 866-665-2787 or [email protected]. Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 8 PM Eastern.